MGMT Services

We guide you through all the steps from account creation to obtaining your first follower.

-Marketing & Promotions-
You focus on creating content.  Leave the promotional heavy lifting to us.  With over 5 million followers combined on various social media platforms, we know how to get eyes on you.

-Content Curation-
Don't know what to post?  Don't know which trends to hop on board with?  Leave it to us... we are addicted to the latest trends :)  We also think outside of the box so that you aren't lost in the mix with other creators.

-Merchandising & Brand Deals-
Looking to sell some tangible items such as shirts or beanies designed by you?  Would you like to model in some Fashion Nova wear?  We are experts in both fields.

-Business & Tax Filings-
Probably the biggest learning hurdle you will deal with in this business... We help guide with all business and tax filings to ensure you are in the good grace of Federal, State and Local laws.


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